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I have been a painter for most of my life. I paint as a way to understand the world, celebrate beauty, and tell the story of my own life. My paintings are the response to my interior dialogue which is full of questions, struggles, and curiosity. I paint in series - exploring a theme for a few months or years. Sometimes my series reveal how I process the times I am in and other times a series will serve as a narrative of my life.

My most recent series: Seditionists, heroes, and other Americans is my response to the strange political times we are in now. I am intrigued by how individuals hold the key to moving things forward, or not, and their solitary actions change the story. (I am happy to discuss who the figures are in the portraits - please reach out to me.)

Other of my series tells the story of my life: A series of portraits of the close to 30 cars I have owned, each marks a time in my life and carries tender memories. A series of floorplans of many of the 28 houses I have lived in reflects the significance of our personal space and how we navigate "home". A series called "Stories and Layers" reflect the moment the world changes for us - the chatter before a moment of change and the chatter after. What changes, what remains the same. How do we record the moment of change?

I studied clay sculpture and printmaking at Tulane University in New Orleans. I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I am an enthusiastic knitter and maker of things. 

Most of my work is available for purchase or show. If you're interested, please reach out via email and we'll figure something out.  susie dot idzik at gmail dot com. 

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